Oscars 2020: Thoughts on the 92nd Academy Awards

There’s something magical about the Academy Awards.

The glitz, the glamour, the rich red carpet and bold gold backdrops. The shiny statues, the bright lights, Hollywood royalty and the freshest, up and coming stars all together in one room. A night to celebrate talent, excellence, achievement and greatness. A night for the magic of the movies, the fantasy of film. Enough to put stars in your eyes.

I first pulled an Oscars all nighter for the 90th Academy Awards, which was something special indeed. I was utterly, thoroughly dazzled by the spectacle and the show, the celebration of almost a century of outstanding films and iconic stars. After every Oscar ceremony, my determination to break into this fantastical industry burns brighter than ever. This year is no different.

There’s something very moving about watching dreams come true before your eyes, and knowing so many people watching are having their dreams bolstered, shaped, sketched in the stars, right alongside me. There’s nothing like the movies, and there’s nothing like the Academy Awards.

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the 92nd Academy Awards as it happened.

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